Design-in(g) Space
is Kultnation —Marco Vinicio— intimate obsession to work
with form, scale, light, animated stories and their interrelationships in architectural spaces.
Over the past five years of artistic journey, he has reinterpreted the narrative found in Graphic Design,
typography, bi-dimensional compositions and created fictional scenarios that come to life
through the stories embodied within the animation form.

Born in 1978 in Mexico City and working as designer and director he has created
art films for the moving image industry evoking not only amorphous
and atmospheric dreams from his childhood but as well polymorphic sequential structures
that come to life in a world of unusual stories and non-linear narratives.

He regularly works in collaboration with both studios and clients around the globe,
and his art films have been exhibited and featured
at Musée d´Art Contemporain du Val de Marne, Carrillo Gil Museum of Art,
Pictoplasma, ondedotzero, Sónar Festival,  IdN Magazine,
Gestalten’s Latino Grafico, Stash and the Type Director’s Club 32.

*Detailed resume including selected lists of screenings, publications and lectures is available upon request.

Commercial Representation
* UK and Asia: Lost in Space – info[at]Lostinspace.com -

email: hello[at]kultnation.com
IM: vinny_morales[at]mac.com

The Umwelt

Is it possible to define the merging point between design and technology?
In semiotics, the German word Umwelt defines the perceptual world in which an organism exists and acts as a subject.
It defines how we experience our world by perceiving data as signs.
Offf Mexico 2014 Main Titles presents the future of design industry where for the first time we designers use the information and data retrieved from our technological Umwelt to alter and control an object’s physicality and materiality.

Read more about the project and the creative process here:

Design & Animation: Kultnation
Music & Sound Design: Audionerve



The following presentation contains a glimpse of the projects I worked as designer and moving image director
during 2010 and 2013. These projects were created for various high competitive client/studio pitches
for both the advertising and motion design industry. While some of them were awarded some of them where not;
nevertheless, you will be able to grasp a quick run-through of the aesthetics and quality of the work I can produce.


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—The Madness of Two—
“Is a shared psychosis and a psychiatric syndrome where symptoms of a delusional belief are transmitted from one individual to another.
These symptoms are temporal and happen out of sharing proximity and by being in contact with an ill patient;
once the healthy patient is separated from the delusional patient his symptoms disappear.”
Folie à deux is a film about music and sound madness; where echoed vibrations from the distribution power lines
induce delusional oscillations into the safety cones of a parking lot.

Coming Soon


I was invited to design and reinterpret an iconic album cover of my choice.
Pink Floyd’s original album cover “The Division Bell” has always been one of my personal favourites.
Final print artwork was presented & exhibited at “Music must not only be heard, it also must be seen” exhibition in Caracas Venezuela.

Design, lighting and rendering: Kultnation


Video installation for Pleasure & Order exhibition at National Museum of Mexico.
The film presents the Eiffel Tower in a time-lapse providing historical and aesthetical context
to Musée d’Orsay’s collection of works from the late nineteen century and the beginning of the twentieth century.

Design & Animation: Kultnation
Additional Modeling & Animation Setup: Rafael Ramírez Borja
Time-lapse scripting & coding ; Alejandro Islas
Sound Design: N/A


Constructing Dreams for the Future:

In a world where future is uncertain, great utopias forsaken and reality is a constructed space; a dream is born.
A dream – awakened by passion and love – inspired and reinterpreted by space, form and light
as a creative and transforming force for constructing a new future.
Offf Partner Titles is the place where design, architecture, typography and animation merges to create this perfect, transforming and utopian dream.

“Future is built upon dreams. Let’s feed the future. Offf Barcelona 2011″

Design & Animation: Kultnation
Music & Sound Design : Echolab
Composer : Gavin Little
Piano : Tobias Norberg
Research & Documentation: Serena Chew


A gesture genesis triggered by sound reflection and oscillation.
Acts of Origin is part of Resonance Film, a larger film exploring the relationship between geometry & sound.

Design & Animation: Kultnation
Sound Design: Cypheraudio


Resonance is a collaborative film between animators and sound designers exploring the relationship between geometry & sound.
Further reading & full movie at Resonance Film Website

Design: Kultnation & Onur Senturk
Animation: Onur Senturk
Sound Design: Mutant Jukebox & Radium Audio


Commissioned by the New Media Design Program at Centro;
Graphic Taxonomies exhibits the relationships within graphic and new media design depicted by a living art installation.

Design & Animation: Kultnation
Sound Design: Audionerve


Comissioned by Dixon Baxi Agency in London; Movies Now Motion Strands
were designed and animated for Times Television Network’s launch of first HD Hollywood Movies channel in India.

Client: Movies Now
Design & Animation: Kultnation
Sound Design for Moviethon – Echolab
Sound Design for GrandNights – CypherAudio
Creative Direction – Dixon Baxi
Producer: Gareth Evans.


From the depths of a graphic canvas a sculpture arises, giving birth to the perfect work of art.
The 100th Issue Project is a celebration of design & animation as an art form.
Commissioned by IdN Magazine for their 100th Issue Celebration.

Design & Animation: Kultnation
Sound Design: Echolab


Under a violent irruption of forms and structures, everything flows towards a constant evolution.
“All that is solid” is a visual and poetic journey influenced by art, design, architecture and photography.

Design & Animation: Kultnation
Sound Design: Echolab